Cuzco & the Sacred Valley

After two nights in the Amazon we flew to Cuzco or Cusco, the heart of the Inca Empire. It is also a place where, if one studies the actions of the Spanish Conquistadors, one can feel distain for Colonialism and Imperialism in general, and the Catholic Church in particular (yup). Specifically, for putting churches on Incan buildings, ie. Qorikancha. Or the executions of both Tupac Amaru 1 & 2.

In any case, the center of Cuzco is charming old town, and when we arrived they were in the midst of Inti Raymi and other festivities. And, this would be the first of two visits. In addition to some fine dining (comparing Pisco Sours), we also visited the Chocolate Museum!


On our way to Ollantaytambo (next stop before our trek), we stopped in an indigenous community in the Sacred Valley to learn about their customs and enjoy a local lunch. Many more kinds of corn, potatoes, and clothing items…


OK Scholars, lots of links above. Please peruse them and consider the following study questions…

  1. What would it have been like to be a Spanish explorer?
  2. What would it have been like to be an Inca leader?
  3. How might Inca civilization have evolved had not they been destroyed by the Spaniards?
  4. Shouldn’t Spain and other European colonizers return the riches they stole?
  5. What should be the statute of limitations on genocide and alleged evangelism?


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