For the last several years I have exhibited pieces in the Pescadero Art & Fun Festival. Fortunately, it is not juried nor judged, just good community fun, and it has enabled me to pursue a passion that led me to major in Art when I first started college. While I changed my major and pursued other things, it is still a passion…


EnHeduAnnaFrankStanfordSoong SistersThomasClarksonEric OlsonIMG_1915IMG_1923IMG_1913IMG_1912IMG_1914IMG_1922IMG_1920IMG_1918IMG_1916

Huerta's Logic

Huerta’s Logic – Roadside Farmstand Sign Series #7 2014

Siddhartha Skills

Siddhartha Skills – Roadside Farmstand Sign Series #6 2014

Right Livelihood

Right Livelihood – pen on paper 2011

Artifaction #2

Artifaction #2 – photo 2014

The Story of the Golden Windows

The Story of the Golden Windows – acrylic on wood, based on the tale 2012

Michael Hastings

Michael Hastings – Conspiracy suicide #2 2014

The Gulabi Gang

The Gulabi Gang – pencil on paper 2014

Aaron Swartz

Aaron Swartz – Conspiracy suicides #3 2015

Artifactions #3

Artifactions #3 – narrative assemblage 2015


Frikitiki – Drill on Wood 2014

We Carrot 4U

We Carrot 4U – Roadside Farmstand Sign Series #4 2013

Artifactions #3

Artifactions #3 – cleaning up the garage assemblage 2013

Photosynthesis #2

Photosynthesis #2 – photos of botanicals 2014


Dreamer – photo 2015


Peas on Earth

Peas on Earth – Roadside Farmstand Sign Series #5 2013

Sauté in Butter

Roadside Farmstand Signseries #2

Something's Fishy

Something’s Fishy – Steelhead on Paper 2013

Table of Content

Table of Content – Yin Yang assemblage 2012

Grill with Chipotle

Roadside Farmstand Signseries #3 2012


Palimpsest – Sandpaper on Acrylic on Wood 2013

Joy Ride

Way out on the Peter’s Creek Loop (Portola Redwoods) 2013

Corazones - Peace

Corazones – Peace 2011

Mark Lombardi

Mark Lombardi – Conspiracy Suicide Series #1 2013


A.I.E.O.U. – Circuit board assemblage 2012

Be Mind

Be Mind – Corazones – PAFF donation 2013

Sweet & Juicy

Sweet & Juicy – Roadside Farmstand Signseries #1 2011

Porch Light

Porch Light – First & biggest painting, first & biggest sale! 2011


Veronica – likes to eat 2012

Zone of Proximal Development

Zone of Proximal Development – Kidstuff assemblage (stolen toys) 2012

Right Intention

Right Intention – Mona Lisa meets Buddha in art land. 2012

Corazones - Leaf

Corazones – Leaf 2012


2 thoughts on “Art

  1. Wow! What a marvelous collection of your works of art! I so enjoyed seeing them all! I will be saving them and looking at them often! What a great talent you have!!! I am so proud of you!! Keep up the great work! Much love to you all! Auntie Barbara


  2. Looks super awesome Randall – you have the ‘drippings’ now go and cook up a feast for all! Lots of good stuff, I like your portraits with words best. Great impressions. May your retirement be a blessing for all involved – in the bestest way!


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