The Peruvian Amazon

After our walking tour of Lima, the next day we flew to Puerto Maldonado and took a two-hour boat ride up the Tambopata River to our eco-lodge in the Amazon jungle. These pix include a shot of the river from the plane, the boat ride, and miscellaneous points on a long travel day.


After settling into our accommodations (many precautions about bugs & critters), we took a night walk through the forest featuring tarantulas, other creepy crawlers, and lush botanicals. Dinner pic and some local skulls, etc…


For our full day in the Amazon, we took a hike then another boat ride to see some howler monkeys and various birds, including scarlet & hyacinth macaws. After lunch we went on another hike to a huge tower that rose above the rainforest canopy. Great views and cell reception (called Mom). After dinner that evening we took a night boat ride to see turtles and caimans. No sightings of jaguars, anacondas, or river otters, but good times…


Couple pix of the tower, a couple signs, my little friend whose family came with us, the resort crew, and more boat action…


Just of few of various video clips – best one: #5 – macaws flying above the jungle canopy (may add more later)…


Thanks for watching, more to come…


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