The Quarry Trail, Part 1

When we booked our tour with Intrepid we were told that it was too late to get a permit to hike the classic Inca Trail to Machu Picchu, so we were offered the Quarry Trail as an Intrepid-sponsored alternative. The Quarry Trail reaches a higher elevation, includes spectacular views, some Inca ruins, is only three days of hiking (with a night in a hotel in Aguas Calientes before going to Machu Picchu), and it’s way less crowded. But it’s not the classic and did not include the geographic/botanical diversity of the Inca Trail. And one of group, Mona, had booked the Inca Trail, so she was not with us. In any case, it was a challenge, both with altitude and vertical ascent and descent.

This first set of pix includes some of Ollantaytambo, a nice village with many Inca ruins, and the first part of the first day hiking…


One of the first highlights on day one was a waterfall, and some majestic views…


Eventually we arrived at some ancient Inca ruins (Perolniyoc), just above which we camped for the night…


Kind of a rough night. Very cold. But great food in our little dining tent. The next day was the longest as we went over two passes. The view over the top of the first was spectacular: Mt. Veronica (named for a French climber).


Here’s Veronica with her mountain…



Brown grass blowing. Above Ollantaytambo.


Assignment: Train at altitude. Keep training at sea level. Work it…

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