Farraginous Mélangées, Part ‘R’

Greetings Scholars,

While I love themes: places (especially), people (some), purposes (!), sports, seasons, and categories of stuff, etc. this isRandom Vail.” So while I’ll let ya’ll google “Farriginous Mélangées,” the “R” (in the Part) means “Random.” (Although it could mean “Redundant”! Eh?) In other words, here’s some miscellaneous schwid from the recency.

First up, a doctored panocurve in the neighborhood…


What’s the text in the texture? Here are some Art Pix. (What about that dismembered sandwich found in the library at PHS?)

Speaking of revolutionary, here’s where I get my Girl Power. From the sun, or the daughter, or the wifypookins. They were on their way to the now-annual Women’s March in San Francisco. There, they marched with newly re-Speakered of the House, Nancy Pelosi. Viva Nancies! You go!


Speaking of schwid… If you’ve ever wondered about the differences between cows and horses, well, here’s an answer! I say, “horsey-cow, it’s an apple-pie.” Horses & Cows & all vegetarians, Unite! When something’s gotta go, maybe it’s you, maybe it’s us. Go! Compost! Repost! Don’t flush…


Two trips: One a hike with Veronica up the Roquena (Brian’s) Trail to the beautiful old oak tree that collapsed (with Sugar, also beautiful & old). The other, a bike ride up Alpine Road…

Two pix of food & two pix of Charlie driving (V & I being driven).

Two signs, two old photos, and two examples of my-kinda-art. Truth, Liberty, Toleration are plaques at more than one LHPUSD school (I think they should continue to be our motto, our slogan, our advertisement to the world). The Cuesta La Honda Guild sign (next to the playground) has a map of the community which started on my old Mom’s actual birthday: July 15th 1929. The two old photos are from Santa Cruz back-in-the-the day. The art, a rusted metal weave and a newspapermaché of the tip of a wave (also in Santa Cruz).

My friend and former colleague (on the CLHG Board of Directors) Larry Fama was giving away a few books which I went to his house to collect. He let me take some pix of his office (AKA personal Man-Cave) which I found to be another fascinating collection of interesting things. Larry’s curiosity, eclecticism, and vast knowledge are an inspiration. He is a Renaissance Man, living down the street…

Snow! Not only has it been a crazy-wet El Niño winter, it snowed (hailed) in La Honda…


As the woodpile in the woodshed is gradually depleted, a little rat’s nest is revealed. Note the nest, the schwid-pile on a leaf (potty area), hair-pile (brush taken?), and how nature organizes herself in many ways over time…


Took the long way back from Santa Cruz one day and discovered “Roaring Camp,” ‘tho’ it may not be the Roaring Camp of the story.  When asked about the place, the parking attendant enthusiastically stated, “it’s where you can ride trains!” Old trains from the wild west. Nearby in Felton, the tall covered bridge over San Lorenzo river.

Farraginous Mélangée: a pawprint, the HMB HS band, Whitney Ranch in LH, writer visit to PHS, and a NGPF seminar at Stanford.

Hereabouts, we have some old school houses – Gary Demma’s in La Honda, the Seaside School in San Gregorio, and there’s an old school house in Pescadero. I wind up going to conferences at the San Mateo County Office of Education, and along those halls you can find the watercolor paintings of Rachel Bentley, famous for her school houses. Here are just some of the 80 paintings bequeathed to SMCOE…

Wow! If you’ve come this far, thanks for checking it out! Done for now…

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