Winter Sports

The middle part of this school year, the dark & stormy part, the winter quarter has been crazy busy. Two kids, two different sports, different practice schedules, accompanying game schedules, and of course academics, other extracurriculars, and then there’s work. Anyway, here’s a taste of that fun and excitement.

Charlie surprised us, after Cross Country in the fall, he wanted to play Soccer. So he did! And in spite of not a lot of experience in the game, he got a fair amount of playing time on HMB’s JV Boys Soccer team. Here’s a lil’ clip (I apologize to him and his buddies for the soundtrack, but it came from Grammy Carol years ago)…


Veronica returned for her second season of JV Girls Basketball – an outstanding program at HMB High. Again, the practices were late, around 7:00 to 9:00, which meant a lot of driving. As with Soccer, the Basketball games were all over the SF Peninsula, so yeah, more driving. Here’s her highlight reel (only slightly edited, also with a soundtrack provided by Grammy Carol back when they were wee tots)…


For the third season since getting back from out Big Trip, we had to go skiing during “President’s Week.” This year we went back to Heavenly Valley in Tahoe and the weather was great. OK, sort of cold and snowy, but hey, winter in the Sierras, and isn’t snow what you want? Heck yeah! And there was a heckin’ lot of it! Please note, I don’t have a GoPro, so my action clips are with a bare hand on the phone, and then there’s the windchill factor. Enjoy…


For now, I’ll leave out the hiking and biking. Thanks for watching…

4 thoughts on “Winter Sports

  1. NEXT time you can borrow a Go Pro from the Bookmobile!


    Pamela Bilz Community Program Specialist II | BOOKMOBILE San Mateo County Libraries 650-312-5263



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