School’s Out 2019

A lot happens in a day, week, month. Here’s a recap of the last few months of the 2018-19 school year (since my last post).

First up, a field trip to Stanford University thanks to a Library Access grant from the Center for Latin American Studies. In collaboration with Kevin Allen & Jose Perez, we took most of the 11th graders and several others from Pescadero High School. In addition to a great tour by curator Adan Griego, we perused parts of the campus…


There are always a few hikes and nature encounters over the course of a couple months (can you find Charlie & Julian off on another hike?), here are some highlights…


This year, the La Honda Fair included an Art Show which I helped organize and participated in. In addition to some photos, I helped out with the signage. It was the first year that South Coast Artists Alliance put on an exhibit in the old restaurant, courtesy of Charlie Catania…


Both the kids at HMB & Mary Lynn at PES had performances near the end of the school years. However, I’ll have to add those pix later as I’ve been having some computer problems. I want to get on to our Summer 2019 adventures in South America…



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