After having gone uptown yesterday, today we went downtown to Greenwich Village, Chinatown, and a return to Battery Park where we visited three years ago before jumping on the QM2. This first batch includes Washington Square Park, bits of NYU, art from a gallery there, and some public mosiacs…

From NYU we walked through the East Village to lunch. Katz’s Deli (another Dan pick) was packed so we went to a friendly Italian spot (on accounta bein’ right next to Lil’ Itly). Then walked through Chinatown enjoying park sports and arguing men. Eventually we hopped on a bus down to the tip of Manhattan Island and walked through the Battery for a view of the Statue of Liberty. Just like three years ago, we played on the musical steps and watched these guys do flips over tourists. Lots o’ miscellany here, click on individual images if they’re too small…

We went back to the hotel early to get ready for Hamilton, so I walked down to 2 Bros for some pizza slices. It seems our neighborhood features auctioneers, antique stores, and whacky flea market in the lot next to the spooky church. Here’s a set of pix on that theme…

That evening we went to see the musical sensation: Hamilton at the Richard Rodgers Theater on Broadway. Of course, no photo/video of the actual show – which was great!!! – but here’s the stage and inside the theater. Before and after, we strolled around the theater district adn Times Square. Super fun!


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