Last stop on our East Coast Road Trip for summer ’18 was Boston Mass. However, before getting there we stopped by New Haven Connecticut to visit Yale. Some pix from our self-guided tour. Can you find the Skull & Bones Society building?

After checking into our Airbnb in Charlestown we went to Boston Common to meet one of ML’s old friends, David, brother of Mary Bashara. Couldn’t help but do a drive by at MIT on the way…

After dinner with David at the Back Deck, we strolled around the Common and took in a part of the Freedom Trail. In addition to some interesting and quite old cemetery’s, there’s a monument to Robert Gould Shaw and the Massachusetts 54th regiment made famous in the film Glory. After awhile I drove the crew back to our Airbnb, then drove back close to where we’d been to drop off our rental car. (The parking guy saved the day with a tunnel tip because there was an overflow of cars going back to Hertz.) Then, I walked all the way back taking some pix again in the dark and going over the Charles River (in case you’re noticing the time of day).

Next day, after a long sleep and the slow start, we made it to Harvard for a free historical tour of the campus led by a nice Econ major named Raven (however at Harvard, they refer to a “concentration” rather than a major). Here are pix inside and out of buildings on campus, including the statue of John Harvard (which is not of him, has the wrong date, and has a book face down on the “Veritas” symbol – what does that mean?!)…

Here’s a lil’ set of pix from the display of historical science instruments in the main Science building (and the freshman dining hall)…

After the Harvard tour, we Lyfted to the Isabella Stewart Gardner museum. I’d heard about the museum from more than one source, and it was all that. Her story, the theft story, her collection, her “palace,” the new wing, and the vibe were all great. Wikipedia link to Isabella Steward Gardner. BTW, you get in free if your name is Isabella (or if it’s your birthday). Enjoy…

By the time we’d walked through the museum and had some treats in the cafe, we Lyfted back to Charlestown. While the others rested I explored the Battle of Bunker Hill (“don’t fire ’til you see the whites of their eyes”) monument and the USS Constitution (the first commissioned ship of the US Navy) and it’s related museum. There was also a modern ship, the Cassin Young.

For our last night out on the road we went to North Boston, saw another cemetery, the Old North Church, lots of acknowledgement of Paul Revere, and had a wonderful Italian dinner at the Florentine Cafe on Hanover Street – perhaps the coolest neighborhood in town…

So, I’m posting from Logan Airport in Boston. We’ll be back in La Honda tonight, soon to hit the pool, the hiking trails, and getting ready for the upcoming school year. Thanks for coming along on our trip!

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