We arrived in the vertical valleys of Skyscraper National Park as the sun was falling into New Jersey. We checked into our little Heritage hotel on the Flatiron end of Chelsea on West 25th Street, not far from the Empire State Building. Then I went off to find the Hertz drop off right near Madison Square Garden (but its not a square, what gives?). Success & a stroll.

Most of this first set of pix is from my walk back to the hotel. Note the selfie with Amish farmers in NYC?, the super-angry dude getting bounced by the NYPD, the spooky old church being renovated right across from the Heritage, and the looming ESB…

On our first full day in NYC there was a discussion about what to do, where to start, travel philosophy, and tourist priorities. So, while the rest of ’em when to an Escape Room experience, I took a walk up 5th Avenue to Central Park and beyond. This set features the NY Public Library and a display there on the 60’s, a random fancy gem & mineral shop, and the Rockefeller Center which had the World Cup (Brazil v. Belgium) on big screens out in front…

Then I went into St. Patrick’s Cathedral and St. Thomas’ Church and walked by Trump Tower in the Park which I explored, meandering to the Tavern on the Green for some frosty refreshment. Then, I went up to the Dakota building and had a great conversation with Vincent, a lawyer from Alabama, on the site of the murder of John Lennon. Next, I went down West 72nd to Gray’s Papaya (the first of several recommendations from my buddy Dan on where to eat) for a dog & juice. Enjoy too, some random buildings, window displays, and Times Square which I hit on what turned out to be a long walk back to the hotel. Feet only!

The kids loved the Escape Room and also made it to Central Park. Random shots and another Dan Leanse tip, we went to Keen’s Chophouse for dinner (the painting was there) before hitting the sack…


3 thoughts on “NYC1

  1. Happy you saw St. Thomas – Charles B. Ray was a boy soprano and accompanied on the organ (when needed) beginning in first grade and leaving when his voice cracked. Believe it was 5th or 6th grade. Lived at the choir school (the building behind the church) during the week and took the train home on weekends so his mother could do his laundry. His parents lived in Rumsfield, NJ. …………………..


    • Hi Carol,

      Thanks for following along and that info about Charlie. That church was beautiful. Even after going in St. Patricks down the street, I was impressed with St Thomas. We’re in the airport in Boston ready to head back to California – sad it’s over, but ready for the comforts of home.

      Love, rv et al.


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