The Artichoke Invitational

“Artichoke” is a Cross Country meet at Half Moon Bay High School that has been an annual event since 1971. Over 2000 kids from dozens of Bay Area high schools participated on Saturday. It’s an amazing thing to watch the stampeding herd of Frosh/Soph boys taking off at the start. Here they come…

It’s even more amazing to watch your own kid make a hard kick at the end to pass a guy and win the whole thing. First place! Yup, I was a proud poppa. Check it out…

Here are some more pix from that event. Charlie following the poor guy who was only temporarily in first place through Rabbit City. Then some victory shots, Charlie and his buddy Thomas, all the boyos dabbing, and a couple panos of the many schools set up on the grass above the track at HMB HS. Enjoy (I did!)…

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