Just as Charlie was finishing his Cross Country season (a fall sport) Veronica decided to go out for basketball (a winter sport). Even though she didn’t play in middle school, like all the other girls, she was able to make the team and is now playing for the Half Moon Bay High School Lady Cougars Junior Varsity basketball team! And even though the practice schedule is tough (evenings vs. after school), the coaches – Antonio (Varsity), Martin (JV), & Patrick (Assistant) – run an outstanding program. This first batch of pix are from the first couple games of the season and one shot of the girls having a team bonding event in Palo Alto…


Amazingly (given her playing time), Veronica made it into the HMB Review sports section for this article about two different alumni games…



This second batch is mostly of the Jan Vitell Girl’s Basketball tournament at El Dorado High School in Placerville. We just got back from three days and three games (1 win, 2 losses for the JV). A great experience for everyone, especially Veronica…


This third batch is of our several eating experiences and a dancing lesson at the Arthur Murray Dance Studio in Folsom (near our hotel). Got a kick out of watching the coaches dancing together (especially since Martin is 6 foot 9 inches tall!)…


Here are just a few of the many videos I’ve shot at more than one game…


Our lil’ hoopster! And guess what? The season is just getting started. There are three games per week for the first three weeks of January. Season doesn’t end until February…


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