Coming Home

After a wonderful whirlwind visit to Queensland, which included an amazing trip to the Great Barrier Reef, an amazing reunion with an old high school friend, a reconnection with a couple we met in India, and an interesting drive through the south eastern part of the state, was time to go home. We didn’t spend enough time to get a good feel for Brisbane, but we got a great view of it from the plane as we left for Fiji. Also, the coast of Australia…

Even though we only had a five hour layover in Fiji, we were able to get a feel of the country. Our approach to the international airport allowed a nice view of the countryside, and during our stay in the airport we learned a little Fijian, and read more about the country…

Our homecoming took place in Santa Cruz & La Honda. We took a taxi from SFO to see Grandma at Dominican Oaks and had dinner with her, Nancy & Jered, Lucas & Rosa, before driving back up the coast to La Honda. Our neighbor Steve took care of our dog Sugar while we were gone, and we were greeted by a welcome home sign reminiscent of our return from Europe in 1973 (thanks to Nancy!)…

Back home, we went to the 4th of July picnic where I met Caroline Pisani’s boyfriend Colin, the son of Trip Hord from Riverside who serendipitously appeared at the BBQ. Wild coincidence and lovely encounter.

We also reconnected with our doggie Sugar Pie, who seemed not to recognize us at first. Veronica had a sleep over in the tent with some friends, I saw a trout in La Honda Creek, I found two Virgin Marys on a tree, and saw a cool electric dirt bike at the pool. It’s good to be back.


One thought on “Coming Home

  1. And yes, I’m relieved to know you’re back healthy, safe-n-sound following a school year full of new places, people, sounds, tastes– you’ve all 4 grown in knowledge, wisdom, packing skills and ways to “cope”–precious to me beyond words–XO


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