Being Home

Well, it’s been over a month since we arrived back in California and completed our circumnavigation of Earth. Especially since we lived in a few other locales, saw other towns, countries, and countrysides, we can safely say that our home is in one of best places on the planet. We are rediscovering the beauty and tranquility of La Honda – the trails, the pool, our wonderful neighbors, and the proximity to so much.

On the other hand, housework, yardwork, and managing all the “stuff” could make one long for living out of a suitcase. But after clearing out most of the excess stuff before we left, it’s kind of nice to discover some of it again, and gardening is therapeutic, right? The reality check however is that 10 months of traveling around the world is now just a blip. Like discovering stuff stored in boxes, I can go into my mind (or this blog) and relive where we were and what we did, but the present moment is really where we are. The now is what matters.

One lesson which has been taught by many is to appreciate the now, be in the moment, be present. Another lesson to create future nows that will matter more, be awesome, and even surprise us. Ah, swimming in the space-time continuum stream…

Anyway, this summer we’ve had some nice visits from our hosts in Australia (Jenny, Greg, Sasha & Maddie – as well as Jenny’s brother Jeff and his two girls), friends from LA (Kelly & Bruno), and Uncle Ron from NZ (which included a trip to the Santa Cruz Boardwalk). It’s also nice to reconnect with our doggie, Sugar Pie. She’s a sweetie! This set of pix includes some of the trees in Cuesta…

4 thoughts on “Being Home

  1. I enjoyed and loved reading this!!!! Hooray for you–your writing expertise and your happy take on it all. Yes, living in the NOW is so very important. At 87, it’s an important reminder. The temptation to live in-the-past seems to be ever present for my age group. Today and each day is a gift. . . XO


  2. Dear Mr. Vail, Welcome home! It was wonderful to follow your path through your entertaining and enlightening blog.

    After reading about your experiences at the GSAM in India, I signed up for their newsletter and donated a small amount. Since then I have been left some money from an old friend when she passed. Before I donate it to the GSAM, I wanted to check with you if the orphanage is as wonderful as it looks in print or if you came across another place where a donation might make a difference. Your first hand experience helps to tip the scale. My hesitation comes from having donated to an orphanage in Thailand for several years, only to visit it and see that the children were not only unhappy looking but also used as child labor making craft objects for an exporter.

    Thank you for your attention to this request. Sincerely, Elisabeth Schroeder (Mother of Joshua and Justine who were your students at North Hollywood HGM.)

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