Queensland, Pt. 2

While we haven’t had to drive all the way back to Sydney after leaving Heron Island, the drive back to Brisbane still took two days. Here are some pix of the landscape, and on the rural stretches of road they’ve identified “Fatigue Zones” and have provided Trivia Questions to keep drivers awake…

Returning to Hervey Bay we stayed at “Lazy Acres” (reminiscent of our cabin in Montana in name only) and got to meet up with our old friends from GSAM in India: Auntie Sarah and Uncle John Poxon. We went to an Indian Restaurant and it was great to reconnect and catch up. On the way to Brisbane we stopped briefly in Maryborough where they were holding a Mary Poppins Festival since the author was from thereabouts…

Arriving in Brisbane, we discovered there was a fun food event taking place down the street. Of course we went and enjoy several tasty treats, cool music, and even some fireworks! It was a great last night in Australia and for our big trip…

Here are a couple pix of paintings at our hotel, the TV coverage of the Australian election that took place on July 2nd, and one of the many rivers in Queensland…


No Study Questions, but I might add some pix of the airport later…


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