Around Sydney, Pt. 8

After buckets of rain kept people at home, including us, we ventured out on a clear Wednesday evening to see Vivid Sydney. I had checked it out before, but this time brought the family, along with Maddie while her parents had soccer night. We saw the projections on the Opera House, the Museum of Contemporary Art, and the Custom’s House, as well as some of the various displays around Circular Quay…

Here are some time lapse videos of Vivid Sydney…

One day on a bike ride around Sydney I found this delightful pedestrian tunnel. Nice murals on each end and a great mosaic mural on the inside. Included are another public art statement nearby and a propaganda tag.

Here are some bike riding videos. Cross the harbor bridge and on a bike path…

More graffiti art around Sydney…

More images around Sydney. A pelican, a cat, trains, and Iron Bay…

Parent-teacher conferences at Leichhardt Secondary, the view of downtown from Nikky & Emmory’s, Glover’s Garden, and a hidden beach on the harbor…


Study Question:

  • Check out Vivid Sydney, then research other cities that have such light shows (there was one in Cadiz, Spain at Christmas time). How are they done?


One thought on “Around Sydney, Pt. 8

  1. Well I say again, Sydney is stupendous–and Vivid Sydney a sight to behold! But not the graffiti. I guess graffiti is everywhere now–sad, sad.

    Parent-teacher Conferences?? How were they? XO


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