Pasteurizing Minds

Just in case you’ve ever been here before, my lil’ blog that is (and Mom, that may only be you), I’ve made a small change. Previously, I had a subtitle attributed to Louis Pasteur, and previously I wrote about it:

But I’ve occasionally thought that any readers – more accurately viewers, since it’s mostly pix – would think that I thought I had a prepared mind. While I hope my CV indicates a certain amount of preparation, it’s a process and I am still preparing. Thus, did I modify Louis’ quote, check it out!

I might add that I might be a bit more prepared the less pasteurized I am. It’s about immune systems don’t you know. I also have some nascent notions about stewing in the past and being put out to pasture, and perhaps you can help me with related witticisms…?

As we near the end of our school-year-long journey around the world, I’m thinking about returning to our past, our pasture, and the much less random world of the work I’ve been doing for years. Nonetheless, every new day is filled with new opportunities for random chance to keep preparing my mind. But for what? Chime in!

To my children and my students I would suggest, the less we know what will happen, the more we should prepare for it – and an educated guess requires some education. Ta da!



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