Around Sydney, Pt. 9

This trip is not really ‘around’ Sydney, it’s just back to the Royal Botanical Gardens. But this time, ML & I took a tour, then wandered at our leisure around the area. This first set includes a reflection, some leaves, some bananas, a sculpture, and the famously elusive and still mysterious Wollemi pine

This batch of pix includes, more leaves, an ibis, a spider, a sculpture, some school children, the city adjacent, and more…

Then there’s the cactus & succulent garden, more leaves, and a famous wall…

In addition to the plants, there’s art! There was a class in botanical drawing taking place, and an exhibition of botanical art work, and of course of botanical photography…

In and around “The Fernery.” Orchids, epiphytes, greenhouse goodies, aquatic plants, and more…

Just opened: The Calyx! Botanical architectural exhibition space (first show: “Sweet Addiction” – about chocolate! [And here’s a more specific History of Chocolate]), and some of the garden space just adjacent…

Of course, we were near downtown, and it’s hard to get back to the train station without taking some pix of Sydney’s big buildings, etc…


Study Questions:

  1. Instead of researching Royal Botanicals, just go look at some plants. Any plants!
  2. Instead of researching The Calyx and sweet addictions, just go eat some chocolate. Any chocolate!
  3. And instead of researching buildings, big and otherwise, just go outside. Any outside!


3 thoughts on “Around Sydney, Pt. 9

  1. Quite outstanding!! Wow, I thought we had lots of pictures but you win!!! Good luck keeping them, managing them, remembering them!! XO


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