Blue Mountains, Pt. 2

Our second day in the Blue Mountains was sunny, but still cold. We checked out of our Backpackers’ Hostel and went to see the view at Sublime Point, and it was. Then we drove to the town of Blackheath and went to the Park Headquarters there. We visited the little museum and took the advice of a ranger there to go for a hike from the top of Govett’s Leap toward Pulpit Rock. Again, the views were glorious, but rather than into Jamison Valley we were looking into Grose Valley. Then we went and had some lunch in Blackheath. Afterwards we visited Evans Lookout for one last set of spectacular views of the Blue Mountains.

Here’s Charlie at couple places near Govett’s Leap…

Most of these pix are from the National Park Headquarters at Blackheath. Charles Darwin visited the area in 1836 (if I recollect), and Govett is the fellow with the big mutton chops. Other pix in this set are of trail markers, signs, warnings, and maps…

A few more pix near Pulpit Rock and at Evan’s Lookout…

Some clips from both Saturday and Sunday in the Blue Mountains…


Study Questions:

  1. What did Darwin learn when he was in Australia? One source. Another. And one more
  2. Did you ever take a vacation from your vacation? Explain. (This was one of ours.)

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