Blue Mountains, Pt. 1

For the last weekend in May we went to the Blue Mountains, one of the famous spots near Sydney (1.5 hours by car). Named for the mist that comes off the many eucalyptus trees, the Blue Mountains are known for their spectacular views. While the weather was cold, and a bit drizzly on Saturday morning, it was a great weekend.

This first set was a very cold Friday evening at Echo Point, the classic lookout the features the famous Three Sisters. Caught a beautiful sunset…

We had a great – and reasonably priced – time at the Katoomba Backpackers’ Hostel. They had a a pool table and foozball, not to mention the kitchen where we could heat up our own hot chocolate…

On Saturday we spent the whole day at Scenic World, a complex features three great rides: the Skyway, the Cableway, and the Railway – the world’s steepest. We rode them all numerous times. The Railway takes one down near the valley floor where there were three different walks to the Cableway that takes one back up to the rim. At the bottom there were several remnants of a time gone by – mining equipment and some of the earlier versions of the railways and cable cars…

A clip…

(Check out more clips in Blue Mountains, Pt. 2!)

The Skyway takes one across part of the valley from Scenic World to near Echo Point. Spectacular views of Katoomba Falls, the escarpment, and the Jamison Valley. Above the falls were the Katoomba cascades, and one could take the Prince Henry walk along the top of the cliffs…

More shots from various spots, including the Cableway, down in the rainforest, from the Railway, of the Skyway, etc…

OK, so I took a lot of pix. How could I not? We had another nice sunset, and here’s the view from the glass bottomed Skyway, and I’ve really learned to love the ancient and majestic rough tree fern. Check ’em out…


Study Questions:

  1. Research the Blue Mountains. Discuss the flora & fauna and/or the geology or the region.
  2. Research the Scenic World. What looks like fun to you?

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