Around Sydney, Pt. 5

As I’ve mentioned more than once, I love libraries, and the State Library of New South Wales in downtown Sydney is very lovable. In addition to the huge be-biblioed reading room and all the stuff of most libraries, it has an exhibition gallery.

Here’s the classic front of the old part, signage in front of the new part, a door of writers, and inscription, the reading room, some books, etc…

Most of these photos of photos were in the State Library, but some were in the Leichhardt Library in which I’ve also spent a few hours. There’s also a painting thrown in, a seat & sign, and the found art of a downtown window grate…

Downtown Sydney is a mix of the old and new. Here’s the old: the cathedral, the church of St. Andrew’s, the Victoria building, Sydney Town Hall, and some miscellany…

In back of town hall is a huge scale model of Sydney, and in Hyde park a sculpture and an explanation…

Here are more of the new buildings of Sydney (sorry I don’t know what they all are)…


Study Questions:

  1. Research the State Library of New South Wales. What’s unique?
  2. Research architecture, the old and the new. What do you prefer and why?


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