Around Sydney, Pt. 6

From May 27th to June 18th 2016 the “Vivid Sydney” Festival is taking place during which there are illuminated displays in the evening hours at selected venues. The centerpiece of the show is on the Opera House and the lights around the harbor, but there are shows and events throughout Sydney. Early on during the festival, one Monday evening I took some pix of the shows, including at Martin’s Place in the middle of downtown. Beneath this set are the colors dripping down the Museum of Contemporary Art which is on Sydney Cove between The Rocks and Circulary Quay…


This batch of pix include a walk out to Mrs. Macquarie’s chair, miscellaneous shots around the Royal Botanical Gardens, and Veronica walking to the bus stop to go to school…

Lots of miscellany: Speaking of going to school, in this batch there’s one of the kids on the bus; C&V&Sasha&Maddie in school clothes, our new digs at the home of Nikki, Emmory, Zach, and Henry, some street art, downtown Sydney, and the Surry Hills Library where I spent some useful hours.

This next batch is of a foray to the Custom House Library (right next to the Circular Quay Station), which also had an art gallery (thus the arial photos), the area of Miller’s Point (which seems to be fighting for its existence as a community), and the newly opened Barangaroo Park in which there was an art display for ANTaR commemorating Reconciliation Week

Finally, here are some pix of the Sydney Observatory on top of the Rocks, the park surrounding it, and a couple shot from the Harbor Bridge which I rode across that afternoon……


No Study Questions in the hope that you’ll read some of the text in the photos. While Vivid Sydney is an interesting light show, the battle of the old folks of Miller’s point, and more importantly, the indigenous people of Australia, the “Aborigines,” battle for recognition (etc.!) seem more historically, socially, and economically significant. The observatory also lets us consider an even bigger picture. What about all that?


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