Pearl Beach

Our first expedition outside of Sydney on our first weekend was to Pearl Beach where we stayed with Jenny & Greg’s friends Scott & Helen and their kids Tom & Pip. There were a few family complications, and we had a hard time getting out of town on Friday evening, but eventually got the car packed, the kids drained and buckled in, burritos to go, and survived the traffic to arrive just after our hosts. On the first morning I went for a walk/run into the bush for some rock climbing and then to the beach. Some pix…

Then we went on a hike to Patonga another charming beach town over the hill. We had lunch at a nice pub before hiking back. That evening we had a great BBQ. Scott is in this set of pix along with some pelicans, a sign for fishermen, a brush tailed possum in their backyard, the Patonga Creek Lagoon, views of Broken Bay, and vistas from the hike…


Study Questions:

  1. Research Pearl Beach & Patonga. Coolnesses?
  2. Research Australia’s flora & fauna. Your favs?


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