Australian Museum

Since it’s taken awhile to get the kids enrolled in school, we took them to the Australian Museum in downtown Sydney to get a bit of a science lesson as well as some local history (not all of it very nice). The Australian Museum is the oldest in Sydney with many interesting natural history exhibits. This first batch of pix shows a variety of skeletons, prehistoric & contemporary, as well as taxidermetologicial displays, Australian & otherwise…

There was a large exhibit dedicated to the indigenous Australians, referred to as “aboriginals.” This set of pix shows a variety of masks, shields, art artifacts, a couple maps, a video shot, the allegedly last native woman of Tasmania, and some gemstones, just part of the massive mineral wealth of this continent – that should belong to the original inhabitants of Australia. Oh, and there is a pic of an apology to the natives of Australia for how they were treated, a story that rivals what happened to Native Americans for cruelty, insensitivity, and political, sociological, and cultural hegemony.

There were wonderful displays of – whole rooms dedicated to – bugs & birds…

There were large geologicial displays of mostly native minerals & gemstones. This collection of pix shows collections of rocks, as well as interesting displays of bird’s eggs, crustaceans, shells, a snake, and natural history in everyday life…

This last photo montage combines pix from the 4th floor cafe, the surrounding area (including a nearby design 3D printing exhibit), and some classic natural history displays of bottled specimens, beetle collections, and a butterfly…

The approach to the museum…


Study Questions – Write three of your own and answer them…

One thought on “Australian Museum

  1. We visited the Maritime Museum in Sydney – just racing stuff – no history like Astoria………….We did go out on a sailboat……………what a great memory!!


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