Tomorrow we will have been in Australia for a week, and it’s been a busy one. We were greeted by two kangaroos, our friends Jenny Stanger & Greg Lekosis who are letting us stay in their house along with their girls, Sasha & Madeline (10 & 9). We’ve gone on several outings (just got back from the beach), and have enrolled the kids in school: Sydney Secondary College – Leichhardt Campus.

First however, here are some pix of Changi, the Singapore airport where we had a long layover on our way from Ho Chi Minh City…


Here are Jenny & Greg at the Sydney airport. Also, all four kids having dinner, Lincoln Street in Stanmore, the front of the house with Greg’s business sign (he’s running the renovation downstairs), and roasting marshmallows in the backyard…


Here are some pix of our first trip to downtown Sydney, including the Opera House, the Royal Botanical Gardens, History House, etc…

Street guitarist…


Study Questions:

  1. Research Australia. Describe the geography of this country/continent.
  2. Research Sydney. Describe the history of the city.
  3. Research Sydney sites (see links above). What’s cool?

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