Florence = Firenze

After a day relaxing outside Certaldo, we ventured into to Florence/Firenze. Like much of this trip, there were decisions about what not to do – because what you do do you want to do right. (Sounds wrong, but not.) Anyway, please do the video – it’s right on!

So we went to Il Duomo, aka the Basilica of Saint Mary of the Flower…


Then to the Uffizi (separate post when I can get enough wifi to load my slideshow), after which we strolled around a bit, checked the Ponte Vecchio, and made the hike to the Hertz office (next time: tram from station).


Of course there is much more in Florence, and we regret only spending one day here (it is much cleaner and more dialled-in than I remember from being here before), but sometimes less is more – especially when there is so much!

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