One day while staying outside Certaldo, we drove to Siena and bought the all inclusive ticket to the cathedral, the baptistry, the crypt, the library, and the museum. Included was a visit to the top of a wall which overlooks the whole city – it was spectacular. Afterward, we had some great pizza at the Piazza del Campo (you know, when go back for seconds). Some pix.

First, the cathedral of Siena…


The Library with illuminated music manuscripts adjacent to the cathedral, and some relics (bones of saints) in gilded displays, etc…


Then, the spectacular views of Siena, the museum, and more…


More from the museum, down in the crypt, and parts of the baptistry…


Around Siena, a view of the view wall from below, and some panos (a note: I’ve had the kids appear in two sides of a picture, as in the first pano below, but in the last one they walked along as I panned producing a particularly weird effect)…



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