Venezia to Tuscany

After two nights in Venice, we took the train to the village of Certaldo, just beyond Florence, where we are spending a week in an AirBnb – our Tuscan farmhouse. In fact, it was originally an abbey that dates back to 1300s – a two-story villa with a courtyard, turret and tower. It became a farmhouse complete with presses & cellars, and is surrounded by chianti vineyards and olive groves. Over the years, the property and even the original house were divided and subdivided, so there are other people in other wings of the building, and other houses adjacent. Nonetheless, it is quiet and charming with a few antiques and an amazing view of Certaldo Alto.

Certaldo is the town where Giovanni Boccaccio, author of the Decameron, lived and died – when not hanging out in Firenze. The town square, a couple streets, and more than a few monuments and businesses are named after Boccaccio. It is our fancy that this old abbey/farmhouse could be the place where three men and seven women spent a couple weeks avoiding the plague and telling tales.

The best part might have been our host Giacomo, who is as warm and caring as he is tall. His wonderful hospitality began when he met us at the train station and drove us here. In addition to showing us all the fully-equipped features of the place (woodshed, fireplace, complete kitchen amenities, etc.), he gave us a local bottle of wine and a bag of breakfast pastries for the morning. Then, he drove us back into town, up to Certaldo Alto, where we explored a bit before getting ourselves back to the house (after some pizza at what seemed like the most popular place in town).

Here are a few pix from Venice to Certaldo. First some art glass in Venice…

A yacht and our train in Venice…

Our first visit to Certaldo Alto (the old town) and some visitas from it…


Certaldo Alto from our villa and the kids walking toward it…

Some clips of travel, by boat & by train…


Updates forthcoming…

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