A great adventure is the genesis of this site. At the end of August, my family will leave our little home in La Honda and go spend one more night in Santa Cruz saying goodbye for a year to my lil’ ol’ Mama. Then on the 1st of September, we fly from SFO to BOS, drive to NYC, check out the WTC, then depart for England on the QM2. We’ll spend the fall semester in Europe and the spring semester in Asia, with some Middle East in the middle, and a little down under at the end. We are on a sabbatical for the 2015-16 school year and we hope to have extraordinary experiences.

Regarding purposes, not only do Mary Lynn and I want to provide a profound experience for our children, we want to have a great adventure for ourselves before decrepitude creeps in, and at the same time try to do some good, make some connections, help some people, and learn new things.  We have goals and we have themes: learning languages, exploring cultures, studying religions, writing books (blogs!), and discovering purposes heretofore unknown.

One thought on “Purposes

  1. Randy, I’m so excited about the journey you and your family are about to undertake. If you don’t mind I’m going to travel with you via your blog.


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