In 1959, Alaska and Hawaii became states, the Cuban Revolution happened, Barbie dolls and pantyhose were introduced, the microchip was invented, the LA Dodgers won the World Series, average income was just over $5K, stamps cost 4 cents, Frank Lloyd Wright died, and I was born on this day in Riverside, California (it was also a Wednesday).  Less-than-semi-fortunately, that makes me 56 years old.  Fifty-six, a tetranacci, pronic, and Erdos-Woods number, is also the sum of seven consecutive primes, and the age of Steve Jobs when he died almost four years ago.  He accomplished a lot more than I have in 56 years, but I’m hoping to make up for that with some time and effort spent on the betterment of humanity.  Part of that process involves taking my family around the world starting at the end of this month.  Stay tuned!

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