My Dad

A year ago today my Dad died. Evan Parsons Vail had turned 90 the week before. He went for a walk that morning, Mom picked him up, and he was slumped over in the car when they pulled in the driveway. A pretty good death for a very good guy. Here is his obituary in the Riverside Press-Enterprise.

In 1973, when I was 13 years old, he also took a sabbatical and we went to Europe. We settled in Lewes, Sussex and we were all enrolled in school. Eventually we traveled to Scotland, and to France and Switzerland. It was a life changing experience for my brother, sister, and myself, and explains why I want to replicate a similar adventure for my own children. In fact, we went back for the summer two years later and my parents allowed me to spend three days in London, by my-15-year-old-self.

That, and many other family vacations, explains our wanderlust and why my siblings and I have all traveled pretty extensively (and perhaps why we’ve all wandered far from Riverside). But my Dad didn’t. He worked at Riverside City College for over 40 years. In more ways than one, he has put the perspiration in my inspiration. Thanks to both my Mom & Dad for all the great adventures!100_1963.JPG

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