Self-Referential, Part 1

If the folks at WordPress are monitoring their users, please know that I’m not satisfied with the playback on myriad video clips I’m put in my posts. Youtube links is a solution, but retrofitting is tedious. So, I’ve been doing it only for slideshows, and perhaps fixing the past is better done by updating the present? That is, rather than editing my old posts, I’ll just batch some links in fresh posts. In some cases, the original posts have more there, so for the curious, find them – if you can – on the Content tab.

In this first batch, some holiday fun, etc…

‘Tis the Season…

First, I posted this, happy to be home in La Honda. Then, I made this lil’ slideshow…

Heavenly Valley

Mammoth Mountain

Practice for my Sistine Chapel…?

Very Self-Referential

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