Local Nature

Yesterday, Sugar, Veronica and I took a hike up to the top Cuesta (Brian’s AKA the Roquena Trail). Before hand and along the way, we experienced some local nature. The biggest banana slug I’ve ever seen was in our yard right out the back door (love that time lapse).

Out on the trail, other banana slugs were making love, a poor oak tree is living life with a chainlink fence, and we found a turtle by one of the reservoirs. Flying termites were swarming hither & thither.



And here’s a before and after of one of our favorite old oak trees near the top of Brian’s Trail. It had been a must-climb and even held a geocache, but gravity and time have had their way and it collapsed while we were abroad. More than just seasons change…


3 thoughts on “Local Nature

  1. Fun for me to read–and to see dear V and C once-upon-atime as well as V today!!!

    An absolutely amazing Banana Slug.

    Do you remember your sadness when we lost a tree in front of the house on Mt Diablo that you liked to climb?? This tree made me think of that one. . . XO


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