Sports, etc.

Let’s start with the “etc.” Here are a couple pix from La Honda – the pool at the end of the 2016 summer season, and the LHE Harvest Dinner, and the Montara Lighthouse and Lighthouse Keeper’s House.

For Teacher Appreciation day, Stanford offered free tickets to the Washington State Game. So Charlie & I went, since Mary Lynn & Veronica had gone camping in Mendacino for an abalone family trip with the Kelly’s. Fun times at the Fan Fest and in the stadium, except that Stanford got trounced, 42-16.

Cross Country. Both Charlie & Veronica run cross country for HMB High and Cunha respectively, but due to schedules, I’ve attended more of his meets. Here are a few of them including SF, the Artichoke Invitational at HMB, etc. (Note Cougar Hill)

Study Questions: 

  1. What is the more famous lighthouse near Pescadero?
  2. What do Stanford football fans want you to fear?
  3. What’s your mile time?

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