Nature Walks! (Actually, it just stays there while we walk through it…)

I should have a post or two about the Coronavirus pandemic, but I’ve got nothing to add to the barrels of ink spilled into the ether.

Instead, here are some pix from adventures with Dr. Alan Burr, my friend and neighbor. His daughter was a student, his wife was our dog’s vet, and he was vet (retired). Anyway, we’ve explored some of the local trails during the quarantine, of course physically distancing and wearing masks. First, up to the Hiker’s Hut and thereabouts…

Some stills in the stillness…

Alan invited me to go tide-pooling with our mutual friend and neighbor Mark Nolan, AKA “Marine Mark” and his son Shea. Here are some pix of a very low tide around the Pigeon Point lighthouse (same spot I brought my Environmental Field Studies class when we did the LiMPETS program)…

Finally, some banana slugs running through the woods…

Hey WordPress, why won’t my video of mating bullfrogs load? It’s only a minute and a half? Kind of exciting the way they hop around and make those alluring bullfrog noises. Here’s a link:


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