Graduation 2020

The Covid-19 pandemic and consequent quarantine put a kibosh on all the activities that students enjoy near the end of every school year. Sports, concerts, plays, proms, and more were all cancelled. However, there was an attempt to put on graduation ceremonies.

Here in La Honda, both Charlie and our friend Phoebe Deacon graduated from HMB High School this year. Some friends, teachers, and community members did a drive by, complete with music, honking, and kind shout outs, first to our house, then to the Deacons near the top of the hill. A very nice, even touching tribute to our kids. Can you find his graduation sign?

At Half Moon Bay High School, there was a kind of walk through, one student at a time, through campus, into the gym, across the stage, and out the door. Charlie was able to be in a cohort with a few of his friends, but the one-at-a-time thing rather mitigated the camaraderie. I think ML and the school have other pix, but here are some…

At Pescadero High School, we did a kind of drive-in graduation. Everyone stayed in their cars parked in front of a stage set up in front of the gym. The kids and their scholarships were announced, they walked the stage, but it was quite efficient. The fun part was all the cars honking for each graduate. They filed out and off campus, then did I kind of parade through the town of Pescadero. A pretty good consolation prize…

In one era and out the other…

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