EC18: Georgia

On the way out of St. Augustine, we stopped by an old Spanish fort which looked just like the one in Cadiz, Spain. There were a couple of people in costume, not sure if they were Spanish soldiers or pirates…

Then we drove across the Georgian Atlantic coast to Savannah. Famous for it’s charming squares, tree-lined streets, and beautiful old architecture, Savannah was infamous for the heat – oppressive. So, we drove in our air-conditioned car around the city checking out the cemetery, churches, the riverfront, and several of the more notable buildings. We stayed at the Savannah B&B in old brick row houses on Chatham Square. There’s a pic of an antique antique store, and we went to dinner at the Chromatic Dragon, a game & gaming restaurant that the kids loved! On the way out of town the next day, heading for the Carolinas, a turtle wanted a portrait…


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