EC18 (East Coast Road Trip): Florida

For this summer’s vacation we’re doing the east coast of the US, from Miami to Boston. Our kids did not get to do the classic 8th grade field trip to Washington DC, so we’re making up for that, learning some lessons about the south, do some college visits, and have some beach & NYC fun, etc…

First up, here’s Miami where we spent one great beach/pool day…

From Miami, we drove by Mar-a-Lago, the Kennedy Space Center, and the Cape Canaveral Nature Area (including a cool Visitor’s Center & a wild manatee wallow) on the way to St. Augustine…

In St. Augustine, we stayed in a great Airbnb in the old Lincolnsville neighborhood. The oldest city in the USA, St. Augustine was originally a Spanish fort town, home to Flagler College, and some beautiful old Spanish architecture…

Not long enough in a great town, we’ll have to come back! But our itinerary took us up to Georgia and the Carolinas. Stay tuned…

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