Around Sydney, Pt. 11

As we near the end of what has been a wonderful two months in one of the greatest cities we have visited, it just keeps getting better. One evening we went to the Night Market at Carriageworks. I’ve already posted about Carriageworks, the history, the artspace, and its role in the Biennale, but this evening was all about food. We went with Greg and Jenny, and two friends/colleagues: Laura and Carolina. Super fun, great food, good times! The rest of this set include a poster about Malcolm Turnbull who is currently up for reelection as Prime Minister, a map of Sydney in the State Library of New South Wales, a protest against Uber, and more graffiti inside and outside…

One of our last but certainly not least museum excursions was to the National Maritime Museum in Darling Harbour. In addition to the museum, there are three ships to explore: the Endeavor (a replica of Captain Cook’s historic ship), the HMAS Onslow (a submarine), and the HMAS Vampire (a daring-class destroyer). There was also a lighthouse and the museum building itself is spectacular. This set of pix shows views in and outside the lighthouse, the Endeavor inside and out, and some of the submarine…

More inside the Onslow, inside the museum annex, and the HMAS Vampire…

Most of the following pix are inside the actual Maritime Museum, tho’ there’s at least one outside, and one at the helm of the Vampire. There was a nice exhibit about Longitude and its precise discovery/use/application thanks to the clocks of John Harrison. (There were replicas of the H1, H2, H3, H4, among others.) Action stations…!

After all that excitement, ML & I went for a quiet stroll in the Chinese Garden of Friendship, a beautiful oasis of calm amidst the hustle, bustle, and building boom in Darling Quarter…

A miscellaneous set of pix around Sydney, including Deus Ex Machina (a motorcycle shop, store, and restaurant – very cool), funky junk stores “Holy Kitsch” & “Drunk on the Moon,” a nice pub in Newtown, and yet more street art…

Space is here being preserved for our very last event, a fundraiser for Jenny’s work through the Salvation Army. We’re attending that this evening, before a very early departure tomorrow morning…


Study Questions:

  1. Research the National Maritime Museum. (Also use the link above – its not the same.) What’s on? What’s cool?
  2. Research the ships Endeavor, Onslow, and Vampire. Which would you have liked to be aboard? Why, how, and who had more fun?
  3. Research the Chinese Garden of Friendship. What’s been on?
  4. What else?


2 thoughts on “Around Sydney, Pt. 11

  1. You’ve done an outstanding job sending pictures and information. I’m well aware of all the challenges but hooray for you. . . XO


  2. We visited the Maritime Museum in Darling Harbor……………very impressive but on a different course our Columbia River Maritime museum is on here! Thanks for sharing! I’ve really loved all the pics……….love, Oma


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