Around Sydney, Pt. 10

Did I mention that the weather has been great? Well, it has and I’ve gone walking and biking all over town! This set is all over town, Centennial Park, the Equestrian Center, the Harbor, Government House, Newtown shops, Vivid Sydney displays at the Hub, Korean War Memorial, a visit to the Bearded Tit, miscellaneous graffiti, and just thereabouts…

The Art Gallery of New South Wales is not only free, but awesome! This introductory set features the museum from outside, various displays, and a few specific paintings…

This set of pix is of a more traditional, classic nature. It includes a Van Gogh, a Reubens, and more, better treatments of light, color, form, composition, and subject matter…

A smaller set of more specifically Australian scenes, including one out the window of the museum out on pretty Sydney…

This more contemporary set includes Aboriginal art, a Hockney, a Monet, some surrealism, an ad for a video piece featuring Cate Blanchett, and more…

And, here are a couple Picassos, a Francis Bacon, etc…

And that’s not all! Then, there’s the Museum of Contemporary Art!



Study Questions:

  1. Research the Art Gallery of New South Wales. Most important or favorite works? Why & how?
  2. Research the Museum of Contemporary Art. Most important or favorite works? Why & how?
  3. Research Sydney, per the first set of pix above. Most important or favorite places? Why & how?
  4. Make some art, write about some art, experience some art, support some artists. Why & how?


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