Around Sydney, Pt. 3

At this point, the kids have settled into the routine of going to school (Sydney Secondary College, Leichhardt Campus), and ML & I continue to explore the city. Every big city has its own version of “Skyscraper National Park,” here’s the one in downtown Sydney. Some old remnants, art deco, gleaming spires, etc…

The Writers’ Festival went from May 18th (or thereabouts) to the 22nd. I attended talks about journalism, philanthropy, the internet, creating imaginary worlds, and historical research. Here are some pix in and around the Walsh Bay wharves…

Walking back to Circular Quay from the Writers’ Festival, I again went through the Rocks and discovered the Discovery Museum. Here are some pix of the displays and the doings in the neighborhood, including a couple street musicians…

One Saturday, our families (w/o Greg) went on a bike ride from the house on Lincoln Street in Stanmore to Bicentennial Park and along the water almost to Darling Harbor. The blue trees was an art piece, as was a playground we stopped in, and most of this set of pix are of the Sydney Fish Market. There are also a few of the ANZAC Bridge which we rode over on our way home…

That Saturday evening we went to Scott & Helen Bradley’s house for dinner. It is lovely and has a spectacular view of Sydney. The kids had a wild Nerf-gun battle and the adults had nice conversation and good food. The trifle was awesome…


Study Questions:

  1. Research the links above. What did you learn about Sydney Secondary College, Leichhardt Campus?
  2. Write about The Writers’ Festival in Sydney (in verse).
  3. What did you discover about the Discovery Museum, or what did you catch at the Sydney Fish Market?


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