Around Sydney, Pt. 2

One day after dropping the kids off at school and spending a couple hours in the Balmain Library, I went to The Rocks, one of the oldest parts of downtown Sydney. I walked around and they over to Walsh Bay where there are some wharfs that have been converted into art spaces for music, dance, and the upcoming Sydney Writer’s Festival. Some of this jaunt involved a ferry ride from Balmain across the harbor and then back to Circular Quay. There are shots of Luna Park, the rock of The Rocks (now with buildings right up against it), some urban art, dancers in their studio, and more pix of the bridge, the opera house, and downtown…

First day of school (May 16, 2016). Charlie & Veronica might be playing off a little nervousness…

Another day after walking the kids to their bus stop to go to school, Mary Lynn and I went and did the coastal walk from Bondi Beach to Bronte Beach – but we went further, to Clovelly before taking the bus back…

That evening I crashed an event at the University of Sydney, recruiting students for post graduate programs there. Here are some pix of the old charming buildings on campus (and one that go thrown in of a botanical building downtown)…

Here are some pix of the Nicholson Museum on campus – these are some of the Greek, Roman, and Egyptian antiquities, including a lego diorama of Pompeii…

Some of the more contemporary (and perhaps scandalous) exhibits and artworks in the museum. Note the interesting juxtaposition of ancient artifacts and preserved body parts…

Finally, here a collection of miscellaneous pix. Interesting license plate, cool mini-Winnie, famous spiders, street art, and the Stanmore train station…



Study Questions:

  1. Research Bondi Beach and/or the coastal walk. What’s on?
  2. Research the University of Sydney and/or the Nicholson Museum. What’s on?
  3. Research The Rocks and/or the Writer’s Festival. What’s on?


One thought on “Around Sydney, Pt. 2

  1. It appears that Sydney is definitely a place to go “in my next lifetime” when I’m also going to speak more than one language!!!!!! XO


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