Cambodia, Pt. 5

Here are some tropical fruits. OK, ya got the watermelon & bananas, name the rest…

Here in Cambodia tuktuks are lil’ caravans pulled by a motorcycle (as opposed to the single unit moto-tuktuk), AND they’ve got motorcycle trailers. In this set, the kids are in one, the driver is featured in another, etc. (I’m ready for the biker Winnebago, an Amercan hybrid!) Feelin’ it…?

Pub Street in Siem Reap, the place to go for dinner. Organized, diversified coolness…



Cambodia curated. Top 10 best pix (maybe?)…


Study Questions:

  1. Research tropical fruits you have never eaten. So whatcha gonna do ’bout that?
  2. What’s cooler: motorcycle trailers or Pub Street, or cruising one on the other?
  3. Top 10 best images ever? Explain, describe, justify!

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