Cambodia, Pt. 4

After lunch, we went to Ta Prohm. Known as the largest “root temples,” Ta Prohm is now most famous for being featured in the movie Tomb Raider. Root temples have trees growing out of them, and while that makes a compellingly beautiful effect, it also destroys the walls out of which they grow. But it takes awhile. According to our guide, some of the trees growing out of the walls of Ta Prohm are over 300 years old. According to Wikipedia, the temple is in the same condition as when it was found, although it is currently being restored with the help of India. (Several other temples are sponsored by various countries and are in various stages of restoration, an exceeding difficult job.) Here are some pix…

Here are some pix of Ta Prohm that don’t involve trees. Note the crane that is part of the restoration process, other supports, and various doorways and passageways…

More of the trees growing from the walls, including the Tomb Raider tree that is apparently prominently featured in the movie. Can you find the face smiling from within the roots?

OK, I know, it’s a lot of pix. I need to curate them more, and pic the best pix. But I think there is strength in numbers: a thousand pictures tell a million words! I want my reader/viewers (Mom) to have some idea of all that is here, there, and everywhere we’ve been, the big picture if you will, and I have posted less than half of the photos I’ve taken. Anyway, here’s the last set, including more trees, carvings, and an alter…

Finally, here’s a before/after sign showing the restoration of one section of Ta Prohm…


I’ll post some clips when I have better wifi. In the meanwhile, here are some of the Cambodian houses, etc. we saw or drove by during our brief visit here…


Study Questions:

  1. Research Ta Prohm. Interesting and compelling facts, other than movie appearances?
  2. Research trees. What kind of trees grow out of temples, in the jungles/tropics, and what are some of them used for?
  3. Curation? How do you pick pix?

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