Namo Buddha

The Thranga Tashi Yangtse Monastery is an ancient and beautiful Tibetan Buddhist holy site also known as Namo Buddha. After three nights in Kathmandu, we drove the two hours along many a winding mountain road out to the Namo Buddha Resort to take a small hike to the monastery and enjoy the cool breezes and quiet atop one of the larger Himalayan foothills. While we were there we met 8 folks on an Intrepid tour, and we had a guide on our hike to the monastery. At the monastery we sat in an afternoon ceremony, but were not allowed to take photos inside the temple. During our hike we toured the many buildings and shrines, and learned some of the legends and history of the site. Here are some pix of the monastery, the surrounding hills, Tibetan prayer flags, some fellow travellers, and our little house in the mountains…

Here’s a pano of the Namo Buddha monastery, from the temple to the prayer flags…IMG_4873

This set of pix includes the old monastery and the old village which is adjacent to the new complex…

The food at the Namo Buddha resort was particularly outstanding & healthy…

And the next morning we were able to glimpse some of the Himalayan mountain tops in the distance. When we arrived and shortly after this pic was taken they disappear into the haze and clouds.IMG_4912

One thought on “Namo Buddha

  1. All so very interesting–sooo much to take-in. You must get exhausted and then sleep well all night long?!!!!! OOs to each of you dear ones– XO


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