Bengaluru, Pt. 2

Murali arranged a couple taxi tours around Bengaluru. First, here are some pix around town, including government buildings, high rises, M.G. (Mahatma Gandhi) Road, and views from the taxis…


Iskcon Temple also known as Sri Radhna Krishna Temple is relatively new and the wish of Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada the founder of Hare Krishna movement around the world. We couldn’t take photos of the large, golden shrine inside, but like everyone, we were fed some tasty rice in a leaf bowl…



And the very large botanical garden, Lal Bagh Park



Study Questions:

  1. Research Hinduism and the different forms of it. Choose some aspect and write about it.
  2. Research the Hare Krishna movement and its influence worldwide. Write about it.
  3. Research Lal Bagh Park and botanical gardens in general.

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