Bengaluru, Pt. 1

Almost a week ago, we took an overnight flight from Rome to New Delhi. Unfortunately, we couldn’t land there because of fog (smog?), so after circling awhile we flew to Mumbai. In Mumbai they wouldn’t let us get off the plane. Rather, we sat there parked for two hours waiting for the weather in Delhi to clear up. Finally, it did and we flew back there, only to have to reschedule our tickets and run to catch another flight to Bengaluru (Bangalore). So instead of arriving for lunch, we made for a late dinner.

Our hosts, Murali and Indu, run what will go down in our history as one of the most wonderful AirBnbs we have had (worth waiting for). Not only do they have a nice home in the suburbs where we were welcomed as family, they fed us breakfast, lunch, and dinner everyday, and figured everything out for us (taxis, tickets, trains, etc.). In addition to Murali & Indu, their daughter Megna and granddaughter Nishna were there, the latter a huge hit with our kids. In fact, I think all three kids were very sad when we had to go.

So the first set of pix is of this wonderful family and their home…


Murali took us on a trip to the local grocery store. Quite modern, but different from the US in the vast assortment of fresh spices and many different varieties of rice, other grains, and fruits & veggies…




Study Questions:

  1. Research Bengaluru. Describe its history, famous people/events, claims to fame, and current industries.
  2. Research Indian food. How is it different in different regions? What spices are involved? What are the dishes?

2 thoughts on “Bengaluru, Pt. 1

  1. Love this entry & all the pics. Glad y’all are getting to experience India.
    I heard they no longer use the low fired clay cups for chai that folks would just toss from the trains–yes? I thought those were brilliant.
    Also, curious your Hindu cow experiences.


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