Morocco, Pt. 7

More video clips from second half of our trip to Morocco. The port in Essouira (2), fresh fish lunch, New Year’s Eve day parade (2) and a party, Marrakech market (3), train to Casablanca, getting lost in the passageways of the medina in Tangier, crossing the Strait of Gibraltar (2). They are all quite short – minute or less, some quick time lapses. What, you shouldn’t enjoy…?

2 thoughts on “Morocco, Pt. 7

  1. I’m digging the “rewind” video from the train. I figured at that rate, the clip would rewind all the way back to the beginning of your trip. Btw, can’t open The Alhambra slide show. I’d love to see/know the connection to Ave Alhambra here in “El” Granada.
    Cheers and thx for sharing!


  2. That rewind was just a time lapse off the back of the train to Casablanca. But yeah, we might reverse it all the way back to the ol’ USofA. Don’t know about the Alhambra video, but I’m gonna upload another version when we get better wifi. Thought a lot about El Granada when we were in regular Granada. Much honoured there is Washington Irving and his “Tales of the Alhambra.” Cheers back…


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