Morocco, Pt. 6

I’ve been trying to post some video clips for days, unfortunately even the Spanish wifi has been problematic (or is it WordPress?). It’s fast here in Valencia, so here are some clips from the first part of our trip in Morocco…

First, some of the famous tree-climbing goats of Morocco. They’re in Argan trees, the nuts from which produce an oil used in a wide variety of products. (Would have like to capture footage of the goat herders who protects and manages his goats with a slingshot.)


Another of Morocco’s famous domestic animals are donkeys which were ridden through a variety of pastures and palm groves (so short!)…


Here’s a small town snake charmer (Note the cobra among others). The difference between this guy and the ones in the market place in Marrakech is the schtick (wish I understood Arabic, or was it Berber?). Rather than playing a squeaky mini-clarinet, he talked to the crowd and they laughed often…


The boys at the beach in Agadir…


At an Argan Oil factory, here are some nut crackers (much harder than you’d think), the first step in the arduous process of extracting the precious oil which is used in food, cosmetics, etc.


Two clips from our camel ride in Essouira. The first is of the four ladies (Maria & Cathy and Annie & Mary Lynn) just in front of Charlie & myself. The second is of our camel train heading back to the ranch at sunset on the beach in Essouira.


Sunset in Agadir…

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