Morocco, Pt. 1

The day after Christmas we left Cadiz via train to Sevilla where our flight to Marrakech was cancelled for a day. The next day we caught up with our “Intrepid Moroccan Family Holiday” thanks to the help of our guide Aziz. Here are some pix early on – a donkey ride, Berber cook making “tagine” (popular Moroccan dish), tree climbing goats, and a village…


Here are some more pix – a small town snake charmer, Berber tagine, the kids on the tour, Dr. Alfredo Hernandez and I out on a run, and our first riad…


Here’s more – a Moroccan tortoise, Agadir from the wall, Argan nut crackers, gringoats in the trees, couscous alfresco, that tagine, and the Agadir hotel pool at sunset…



2 thoughts on “Morocco, Pt. 1

  1. You and Charlie with the snake, yikes! Love your eye, framing, love that stairwell and blue door – so simple but beautiful. How did you find Morroco over all?


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